Chalk and board teaching has no substitute

Some of us feel that the more “fancy” graphics a class has, the better the learning. But, if that were true, Hollywood movies would be our greatest classes. We don’t even remember what happened in the movie after a couple of months. After a couple of years, we might not even remember that we watched a particular movie. Classes are meant to be engaging, that does not mean that they hold your attention. Obviously, a good class would hold your attention, but it would do much more than that. It would make you an active participant. If the teacher is not participating in the learning process, how can the students?… Read More »Chalk and board teaching has no substitute

Home classroom

We all have had to make some (or a lot of) changes to our lives due to COVID-19. One of them has been a complete transformation to online teaching instead of in person teaching. I personally hate the concept of online teaching. It should only be used as a last resort. If online teaching were successful, then there would be practically no use of all the schools and colleges at all. People could learn from the books itself. Teacher can convey what books and online videos cannot. Teaching is not just transmission of information, but it is rather a transmission of understanding which can never be achieved by any method… Read More »Home classroom